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seed coating polymer manufacturers and suppliers

Seed Coating Polymers

Vikram Fertilizers Seed Coating Polymer helps in protecting the seeds from climate change and provides high quality to the consumers.

Seed Coating Polymers Features:

  • It protects the seeds from dust.
  • It helps to withstand adverse climatic condition.
  • Provides durability and quality to the purchaser.
  • Eco friendly, Non toxic , Safe to use.

Seed Coating Polymer Uses:

  1. We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of high quality Seed Coating Polymers and seed coating machines.
  2. Seed coating polymers are used in different agricultural industry in order to meet their requirements.
  3. These seed coating polymers are permeable to water at hot temperature, but not a cold temperature.
  4. Seed coating polymers enhance performance of seed with the addition of chemicals.
  5. This polymer protects seeds from pathogens.
  6. Seeds coated with these polymers will not imbibe water that is, absorb water and swell.
  7. We manufacture thin coating of polymers helps the additives to stay on seed and to avoid dusting and pollution.