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Vikram Fertilizers are one of the best fertilizer companies in India. Biofertilizers are more safe compare to chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers gives good yield but destroys the fertile land and micro organism which are friendly to plants. Biofertilizers not only give good output but also protects the land fertility, micro organisms and save environment from polluting.

Features of Biofertilizers:

  • Biofertilizers increases the soil potency and microorganisms.
  • It promotes root development.
  • It improves soil structure & texture.
  • Biofertilizers are economical and easy to apply.

Uses of Biofertilizers:

  1. Biofertilizers are useful microorganisms for the growth of the plants.
  2. Biofertilizers are Eco-friendly, which protects the environments.
  3. Biofertilizers wipe-off the harmful components from the soils.
  4. Biofertilizers are cost free and helpful for farmers.
  5. Due to the presence of natural components in biofertilizers will help to increase growth of the plants.
  6. We can protect our plants against drought by using biofertilizers.
  7. We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of high quality of Biofertilizers.